Unaddressed Admail

Canada Post offers deliver to specific postal codes allowing you to target just the area you want. It is possible to also target or remove apartments, farms or residential addresses. For quantities of a thousand or more for a nominal charge we can presort and do the statement for Canada Post and deliver to Canada Post saving you money over the normal cost of mailing. One advantage unaddressed admail has over normal distribution methods is that it comes in the recipients mail, not buried in their newspaper.

-Addressed Admail

This allows you to further refine your target by mailing to specific addresses of your choice. You supply the mailing list and we can address your piece, presort it, prepare the statement and deliver to Canada Post. This will not only save you money, but time as well. Our cost for the mail prep and delivery is usually less than the savings you’ll receive from Canada Post.

-Publication Mail

If you have a publication that goes out on a regular basis chances are you can get an account with Canada Post to send it as Publication Mail. There is a significant savings to be had if your item qualifies.