Penny Sale Tickets


Great for Silent Auctions, sometimes called Chinese Auctions, they have also become popular at Stag and Does and other events as well. The buyer has 25 tickets per sheet, that they can place in whatever lot they choose. They can place 25 tickets in 1 lot or 1 ticket in 25 lots, affecting their odds of winning. At the end of the auction one ticket is drawn randomly from for each lot. The buyer has their stub to prove that the winning number belonged to them.

In the case of the standard size tickets, the buyer can fill out their information on the front and in the case of the large size, on the back, if they need to leave the event. The organizers can contact the winner afterwards.

The large size also has an extra stub in case there is a Door Prize.

Total Price: $


Penny sale tickets come in 2 sizes, the standard is 2.5” X 5.625” but we also offer a larger 4” X 9” version after numerous requests (60% bigger and on heavier card).

Coming in various colour card (White, Blue, Yellow, Pink, Green) with black type. We generally have the standard size white in stock but there is no extra charge for coloured card. Please call ahead to ensure we have the quantity you require in stock. You can see more about Penny Sale Tickets in our Blog.

We produce them in house so we can also customize your Penny Sale Tickets to add your organizations name for a small additional cost. If you are a reseller, we also produce larger quantities for the wholesale market. For wholesale pricing Request A Quote here.