Order Guide

For submitting files

Preferred File Format

Adobe Acrobat PDF – files need to be made at “Press Quality Resolution”

Acceptable Project File Formats

Adobe Indesign
Adobe Illustrator

Possible Project File Formats*

Microsoft Publisher, PowerPoint, Word or Excel

*NOTE: Additional charges may apply for “Possible Project File Formats” and these charges are dependent on the type of printing required.

Linked or Embedded Images

Resolution at 300 dpi at actual size.

Note: Low resolution images, especially 72 dpi jpegs from the Internet, look jagged and blurry when printed. For best results, your images should be 300dpi.

Logos: should be converted to outlines (vector art) and saved as .eps

Fonts: please outline, convert to curves

Files with Duotones

When setting up files which have duotones embedded in them, images must be placed as Photoshop EPS’s or they will not separate properly. Duotones placed in a process colour (CMYK) document must be converted to CMYK or they will be printed as additional colours.

Colour Format

For four-colour printing orders, please supply art as CMYK.

For one, two or three colour printing orders, please supply art using Pantone Matching System solid colours. Keep black text at 100% black.

We will NOT be responsible for colour accuracy when converting RGB images to CMYK. Keep all colours in the same colour mode, preferably CMYK. Mixed colour modes (RGB, CMYK, PMS, etc.) may produce unexpected results and the colours may be “off” from what you were expecting.

It’s best if you do the RGB-to-CMYK conversion of your images. You will have more control over the appearance of your project if you convert all of the images from RGB to CMYK before sending them to us.

Document Notes

Include all bleeds 1/8″ or 1/16″

Setup document to the correct page size (not on a larger size with printable area in the middle)
Scans must be no more than 300 dpi and not less than 150 dpi for photographic images
Line art scans must be no more than 1200 dpi and not less than 600 dpi
Please ensure that all copy/text and the formatting is correct.
“Large Format” files should be set up at the intended finished size (+ bleeds and crop marks) with images and graphics at 300 dpi.

Order Guide for Business Card Layout

Order Guide description for business card bleeds

Athens Printing WILL NOT proof read submitted files and will not take any responsibility for errors of any kind in submitted files.

We want you to be pleased with your finished project, so please, take the time to prepare your file(s) properly. We cannot be responsible for unexpected or poor results if you furnish low-res images or RGB images.

Use of Logos/Photos

By submitting and approving files for production the Customer agrees to indemnify Athens Printing of any liability arising out of, or relating to, any actual or alleged infringement of trademark, copyright, service mark, etc. contained in any of the project’s files supplied.

Designing your files with Canva?

Please review our blog post with concise instructions on how to properly create a print-ready file using their platform. The quality of your finished product depends on it!
Link to our Canva instruction guide: https://www.athensprinting.ca/designing-in-canva/